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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people with an opportunity to discover and see for themselves that there really is a product that will clean and sanitize anything you can imagine using only water and dry steam technology (No Chemicals.) We here at EV of Stevensville understand that nobody wants to be pressured into buying any product or feel guilty if they don't buy a product. Our promise to you is that if you would like to see our machine in action then we will be glad to schedule a time to show you in the comfort of your own home or business with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION sample cleaning. Our team is professional, honest and can answer all your questions during the show. YOU the customer are the only reason we are in business and our CEO believes very strongly in "word of mouth" advertising and will go the extra mile to help ensure our customers are satisfied long after the demo/sale is done. We just show it....... You just decide! It's really just that simple with us.

Join The Team

If you would like an opportunity for a career at EV of Stevensville then go ahead and call our corporate office today at 406-992-1002 to schedule an interview. When we interviewed our CEO and asked him why so many people want to work with this company he said.... " When I was building EV of Stevensville from the ground up I knew that I wanted to find great people with big goals. I also knew that in today's job market everyone wants unlimited earning potential, lots of freedom and they don't really want a boss, so I decided to give my team just that. Freedom, unlimited earning potential and I'm not their boss, I'm there friend and their teammate. There is no "I" in TEAM, If they don't win; I don't win. I don't view myself as a boss, I'm just the captain of a great team...." We offer a fun yet professional and very motivating alternative to the 9-5 grind. We are currently seeking great people that are inspired and honestly want more out of life.

Parts & Service

We are a EV International authorized Parts & Service center. If you are in need of parts or service please feel free to contact our corporate office @ 406-992-1002. We offer several shipping options as well as local delivery. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of our customers that take care of us.

We Appreciate You

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Jarred Fallgreen


Starting his career at just 16 years old Jarred has over 19 years of sales experience and prides himself on being able to adapt with the changing times of the sales industry. He has been a national top recruiter and sales trainer, he has sold many different products and services for well respected companies and has overseen the day to day business as the director of operations for two major companies with over 400 employees. When asked what he want's to be judged on when he decides to retire some day he said... " Don't judge me on my accomplishments or my sales ability, instead judge me on what my clients say about the way I took care of them long after the sale was done. In my opinion your sales numbers don't mean anything if those customers wouldn't refer you to their friends or family. Work hard, be honest and show up when your client needs you." At just 35 years old he is one of the most experienced and respected sales professionals in the industry today.

Monica Pryelli

Office Manager/Receptionist

Monica oversees the day to day office duties and assists Jarred in the operations at EV of Stevensville. She is a valuable asset to the team and keeps the crew focused on the goals that are set in front of them. As you can imagine things can get very stressful when you have a sales force with so many personalities, Monica does an amazing job at keeping everyone grounded and focused on their goals and is always there to remind everyone that we all have to be on the same page to keep EV of Stevensville the amazing company that it has become.

Cody Wright

Sales Agent

Cody has been with Jarred and EV of Stevensville since the beginning and is often one of the top producers and performers within EV of Stevensville. Hand picked by Jarred himself this 19 year old superstar has received some of the best sales training one could get. This young gun is writing business and building strong business relationships at the same time. If you see him around ask him to put you on his calendar for an EV demo, you wont be disappointed. He's fun, He's professional and he can help you get into an EV machine anytime you want.

Kyle Mesloto

Sales Agent

Kyle comes to us with a very strong sales background and built his book of business with us in a very short amount of time. If you enjoy a down to earth, laid back sales agent then you'll have a great conversation with Kyle. He is currently focusing on his goal of getting promoted and owning his own distributorship.

Terri Jackiewicz

Sales Agent

Terri is very well know within our Bitterroot Valley territory and has helped many of these clients become chemical free. She is fun, knowledgeable and professional. If you are interested in seeing the EV in action she is a great choice to have show it to you. Our clients have said she is one of the most trustworthy and hardworking sales professionals they have ever encountered. We are super excited and privileged to have her as part of our team!

Gina Deschamps

Sales Agent

Gina has joined our sales department at EV of Stevensville and we couldn't be happier for her. She is fun, professional and our customers really appreciate her commitment to providing them with A+ service. She started writing business right out of the gate and we know she will consistently be a top producer due to her amazing work ethic, kind spirit and commitment to her family. Gina is as genuine as they come and her clients have become some of her greatest friends and supporters. She can help you see an EV unit whenever your ready for a fun and amazing demonstration of this amazing product.

About Us

A future without chemicals

When your ready to see how easy it can be to own a EV machine and stop using chemicals we will be here to serve you! We are a very easy and helpful company to do business with because we understand the basic concept of EARNING your business. We also know that time is money and between the amount of money you spend on chemicals and the amount of time you already put into those cleaning duties you are probably already "paying" for an EV machine you just don't physically have one yet! If you could cut your cleaning time in half, do a better job with half the effort, not use chemicals and save money; WOULD YOU? Let us help you stop the craziness and find a way to get you the EV that you want and deserve. Financing options available. We are here to help, you'll be surprised by how much we can do to help you if given the chance.

VIP Unlimited, LLC. D.B.A. EV of Stevensville

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  •  Stevensville, Montana


What our customers are saying about us
"I was very impressed with the EV steamer and how easy it is to use. Jarred is very knowledgeable about the machine and was very professional while in my home. My new EV machine is wonderful." Aug 23, 2016

Laura M.

Pinesdale, MT
" I had already seen my sisters machine when she referred me to EV of Stevensville. I already knew I wanted it and I am so in love with how well it cleans my tile and grout lines :) I would recommend Jarred and his team of associates to anyone in need of an amazing cleaning machine. " Nov 12, 2016

Andrea R.

Missoula, MT
"My wife just had to have this machine after Jarred and the gentleman he was training showed it to her. I'm usually not into these kind of things, however I literally had so much fun with these guys and was truly amazed at what this EV machine will clean. He said to give him a challenge on things to clean and It just kept cleaning everything I could imagine to the point of it becoming a game! We love our little EV even more now than when we bought it. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for helping us see the EV on such short notice." Jan 5, 2017

Dave D.

Florence, MT


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